NSI specializes in providing all types of payment documents, using technology and working methods that ensure authentication, integrity and product traceability.

This is achieved through the combined use of several features, with mainly:

  • Using secured blanks for printing difficult to counterfeit or falsify according to NF-K-11-112 standard.
  • Printing papers with multiple security features: special inks, fluorescent or variation in color. 
  • Specific security printing types. 
  • Document numbering with fluorescent ink under UV light or with migrating ink. 
  • Dynamic Printing of the CMC7 line.


NSI offers an integrated range of services from document design, required security levels determination, storage, personalization, documents delivery and regular reporting on actual paper consumption.

  • Printing and personalization of bank documents (checks, transfer orders, exchange letters…).
  • Attestations, certificates and administrative documents (civil status certficate, collection bills, parking tickets, property titles, identification documents…).
  • Other value documents (receipts, car tax stickers, technical control cards…).

The provision of secure documents can be carried out in “pay per use” mode, which allows the customer to make its supply cost variable.