NSI Group provides bank cards personalization services and ensures the supply of cards to bank branches

A Full Service Offer

  • Management of cryptographic keys.
  • Management of card media.
  • Design support. 
  • Cards printing. 
  • Cards customizing (graphics, magnetic strip and chip). 
  • Embossing or infill.
  • Personalization of Smart Cards (Data preparation).  
  • Encoding of the magnetic strip using applicable standards. 
  • Ability to print using a scratch off ink. 
  • Computation of PIN codes (PIN) in conformity with international standards of privacy and security (Secured key management, Hardware Security Module …). 
  • Printing, enveloping and shipping according to customer’s needs in terms of packaging and delivery location. A fully industrialized and secured service proposal.

A Fully Industrialized and Secured Service Proposal

    An activity that is secured and aligned on international standards:

    • Access Control to Production areas with memory cards.
    • Color Video Surveillance with 24/7 recording.
    • Intrusion detectors and infrared barriers. 
    • Event Recording Systems. 
    • Remote monitoring system operated by a Security company. 
    • PCI-DSS Certification in process.

    Proven Organization and Processes

    • Applying proven processes and procedures ensures a high level of security and confidentiality. 
    • A continuous training and awareness policy for the whole of our site staff ensures operational compliance with procedures.