NSI has developed a wide range of banking and payment solutions covering all financial institutions needs for electronic payment operations

Printing and Personalization of Cards

  • Personalization of cards and PINs.
  • Issuance of cards (Credit, Debit or Prepaid).
  • Instant issuance of cards (instant Issuing).

Electronic Banking Processing

  • Interconnection with electronic banking partners and transaction routing (International and national networks).
  • Compensation.
  • Transactions acquisition across multiple channels (ATM, TPE or Internet) and merchant management.
  • Outsourced Electronic banking activity Management

E-payments: Utilities & Operators invoices

  • Management of fraud and claims.
  • Loyalty management.
  • Communication channel management (SMS, Internet, IVR, …) 
  • Establishing detailed statements and summaries of all electronic banking activity.
  • Bill payments (utilities, operator).
  • Western Union Transfer.