NSI widens its monetics offer and consolidates its payment expertise! Launch of the NSI integrated monetics office at Bujumbura.

NSI Burundi convened all the representatives of the Bujulmbura financial establishment to a presentation of its range of monetics services.The Burundi banks and financial institutions are quite familiar with the NSI Group, who is already their provider of secure document solutions, but on this occasion, they had the opportunity of discovering NSI’s expertise in the field of electronic payments. 

Les spécialistes de NSI mettent leur savoir-faire au service des banques et opérateurs burundais.

NSI, par la voix de son Directeur Monétique Groupe, Madame Latifa Zaouague, entourée de spécialistes du groupe, présenté sa solution de processing cartes privatives et internationales.
Cette offre de processing permet d’installer, de développer et d’assurer l’interopérabilité des environnements de cartes de paiements de toutes les banques de la place. Elle est par ailleurs extensible aux paiements par mobiles.

The NSI specialists put their know-how at the service of Burundi’s banks and operators.

Via its Group Monetics Manager, Mrs Latifa Zaouague, assisted by the group specialists, NSI presented its solution for processing private and international cards.This processing offer enables to install, develop and ensure inter-operability of the payment card environments of all local banks. It can moreover be extended to mobile payments.NSI’s monetics processing: a flexible, optimal all-round solution, bringing monetics of all kinds within reach of the operators.

The audience, consisting of some thirty managers and technical specialists of banks and enterprises became fully aware of the advantages of this solution of which were particularly highlighted:

  • maximum flexibility,
  • access to all existing monetics levels,
  • ensured continuity of service,
  • continuous updates of the solution,
  • very low level of investment required,
  • variability op operating costs (pay per unit used),
  • maximum security.

The NSI processing solution can be made virtual, cloud-based and 100% rolled out on the web.

Other operators, such as oil companies, also showed an interest for launching their tank cards.This event was a great success and the enthusiasm it raised heralds an upcoming rapid development in the field of payments on the Burundi financial scene.
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